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"The Prayer" by Beinsa Douno

The Prayer by Beinsa Douno

Many people ask if it is possible to live without praying. It is not. The prayer is an internal human necessity.

If the prayer becomes an internal necessity for you, you will pray naturally, without any force, without an external force. For you the prayer is as natural as feeding, breathing, feeling and thinking are.

Why should we pray? Paul the Apostle said once, “Be consistent in praying”, and Jesus said, “Be alert and pray”. The prayer is of threefold nature. It is equal to breathing. One should pray so that the soul to breathe and perceive things. The prayer is needful for the soul. It is the contemplation of the highest feelings. Through the prayer we see that a child is praying. It is an appeal and is as needful for the soul as breathing is. Humans need air much more than food. It is proven that a human may stay without air for 25 minutes at most and if we equalize the air with the prayer, which is food for the soul, we see that it is of great significance to it.

If people of today did not know how to pray, they would have lost even the little that they have preserved today. Everything good, everything great and beautiful, which is persevered by them, is thanks to the praying spirit that works in their souls. So, thanks to the prayer, though not so correct as it is in modern humanity, still something beautiful has remained and something new is being acquired. Thanks to the prayer, we become conduits of the sublime powers and noble means, on which the entire human race rests. The soul needs an internal spiritual food that can be provided only through a prayer. If one stops praying, life disappears. The prayer is a great thing. It is not expressed by chattering, by whispering of words. When you learn to pray, your life will become worth living.

The reason for our misfortunes is that we do not pray. Our contact with God brings inexhaustible riches. The Divine blessing and strengthening of the spirit come through it.

I would like you to pray constantly for you to be in contact with God. Only in this way, that influence from above will come to you. Then you will feel that Divine ennoblement and strengthening. Only when one prays, his body strengthens, as well as his feelings and his thoughts. One, who prays, cannot have a cruel heart. He can be delicate by structure, but his body is healthy, his thoughts are stable and his feelings - strong. It is not possible us to be in communion with God and be feeble.



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"The Prayer" by Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov)



While praying, we have to turn to Jesus. Jesus said, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him.” And more, “No one can come to the Father except through me.” When one prays, God impels him, and it shows that God has already drawn him. We will pray to Jesus. Jesus is the office; we will give our letters, telegrams, and prayers there and He will forward them to God. In prayers, we will turn to Jesus, because Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” God is not separate from Jesus. It is said in a prayer of ours, “Lord Jesus Christ, through Whom You are pleased to be called”.

Jesus is a transformer, because one cannot go directly to God without Jesus as God is a consuming Fire.
A person, who says that one may be saved without Jesus, does understand the law. When Jesus came to Earth, He lit up all people – both those who believe in Him and who do not. However, those, who have accepted that light, are believers and those, who are locked in their rooms, have not accepted it. Jesus lit them up, too, but they have not perceived it and now the task is they to perceive it. The Scripture says, “Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.” Once a person loses the conditions, he has to wait for another epoch.

“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

The greatest Spirit on Earth, in the Universe is Jesus. There has been no case when one, who is in despair, in deadlock, suffering from a serious illness, has turned to that Great Spirit for help and hasn’t been helped.

If one’s prayer is pure, deep, it is always accepted. God does not make difference between souls. Jesus said to his disciples, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Knowing that the Spirit of Jesus lives forever and has power and authority, do not be discouraged! You can always call upon Him and receive His help. Everyone has the power of Jesus in him. One just has to work on himself to develop that power. Once people develop that power in themselves, they will know what God is, what the Divine principle in humans is.

There is nothing, about which man has asked God and which hasn’t been fulfilled. And it happens just when it is needed.

One has to be bearer of Divine thoughts, must be convinced that every thought that he sends in the world is Divine and he must not think about the consequences. One must study the Word and practice praying and contemplation simultaneously. This is the path and one should not worry. One is to believe until the enlightenment and communion with Jesus comes. Open your heart and soul. The light will penetrate there and the comprehension will come.

By praying you will facilitate the work of the blood to pass through your brain above, in the highest point of the head. The center is there “Love toward God.”

The greatest thing in the world is the prayer. It connects us with God, with the eternal in us that gives us meaning. The prayer is an introduction of the Divine life.

There is no better poetry in life than praying, i.e. communing with God. You are to pray without complaining.

Losing faith is breaking of the connection with the reality. One shall never break that connection. What shall you do? You are to connect with the reality. One, who is not connected with God, is like a fallen leaf that the wind blows everywhere. That is why humans must be connected with God. If anyone doubts God, he has lost everything. If anyone comes to doubt God, no matter how much he has advanced, a whole catastrophe occurs in him. One is connected with God and must not seek other connections. It is said, “Do not connect with the world.” One connection is sufficient. We suffer from lots of connections.

It is said in the law, “You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God.” However, today, despite the law, God's Name is freely mentioned. In fact, the true name of God is hidden. If it is pronounced as it is, cataclysm will occur in people's lives. The current name of God is an alias. Even the name Jehovah, as He was called by the Jews, is also an alias. You pray 2-3 times a day, pronounce the Name of God, but you do not get a response to the prayer. Why? It is because God answers only once. There is no better thing than God listening to you. The same applies to the Sun. If you understand its language and connect with it, you will get life from it. If you do not understand it and if you are not in connection with it, it causes disorder.

The prayer is one way to come to know God as Love. It leads to Love, the good and sublime state that you have - to help, to forgive your neighbor, to raise one who has fallen. This is due to the time that you have spent in your secret room.
One must pray for God not to turn His Face away from him. It is terrible if God hides His Face away from a human! Then such a dark, cold and loneliness come that one has never experienced in his life.

A child was away from his mother for 10 years. He had fallen ill and was close to dying. They wrote to his mother to come, because her son was in a hopeless situation. When the mother approached him, he was unconscious, dreaming, with his eyes closed. She put her hand on him and he whispered, “Mom!” He recognized the vibrations of his mother. It is the same for God. Humans have internal knowledge of God's hand.

To pray means to turn your mind, heart, soul and spirit to that source of life, from which you have come. If a person becomes stupid, this is due to the fact that he rarely remembers the First Cause, i.e. the origin of life. Therefore, the degradation, to which modern humanity has come, is due to a deep internal reason - negligence toward the First Principle, from Which it has come out. Modern people are careless about God and consequently you will often hear one saying, “I am a free person, I can live without God and without praying.” Someone telling that he can live without a prayer is like saying that he can live without breathing. If breathing stops for an hour, one will understand what a need it is for him. If breathing is a necessity for people, their thoughts of God are a thousand times more necessary for them. The more one remembers God and keeps Him in his mind, the nobler he is. The nobility of the human soul depends on one’s thoughts of God. So, if we want to be noble, we must remember God as an essence that flows through us. In all situations of our lives – both joys and sorrows - we must remember God. Out of God, no education, no nobility, no science, no religion, no art and craft - nothing exists.

If the great image of Love is not printed in your soul and if you do not realize that you are connected to God, you can achieve nothing even if you are the greatest, the most rational or the most intelligent. So, one thought should keep you busy: you are connected to the higher consciousness, on which you can always rely and trust. Anyone can connect to that consciousness. It is said in the Scripture, “In God we live, move, and exist.”

How can harmony be maintained between a person and God? The prayer is one of the conditions. Through the prayer, the sacred connection of the human soul with the First Cause of things is maintained. “I do not want to pray.” If you do not want to pray, you will enter the unnatural order of life. The prayer is one of the essential human duties. The prayer for human spiritual life is as the physical duties for humans.

Humans are to keep to God as Earth keeps to the Sun. While thinking of God, you will grow.

Praying means to think about God. Every thought of God, no matter how weak it is, shines like a spark in the minds of people and contributes something. It is not important if you understand what God is. However, you can always think of Him. That thought will still bring you some good, though microscopic. To think of God means to think right.

Merging of souls is an internal process. Rivers merge and banks merge. When rivers do not merge, banks do not merge. Both processes happen simultaneously and namely that exists in Nature between beings. The same happens between people and God, between one person and another one. During merging, transfusion from one soul to the other takes place. This merging and transfusion can happen only between two souls, among which there is Love. It is the same with our relationship with God. During a prayer, love toward God is to be felt in order merging and transfusion to take place. Therefore, the basis of every prayer to God is Love. A saint, an advanced person experiences the Divine Love a few times in his life and then there is bliss; he feels God in everything and loves God in everybody. All other conditions of love are spiritual love, and not Divine one. Each saint is so in love that he has forgotten worldly things for love. He has been so entranced by what he has seen that he has also forgotten to dress himself. His ideal is so high that he has forgotten everything and while waiting for letters from above, he will sometimes cry for what he has seen.

A prayer without Love is not accepted.

Each prayer in us can act only if it is accompanied by Love. The Divine Spirit is the One, Who pronounces the prayer.

True prayer is Love. In a true prayer you send God your Love and gratitude. The prayer is a state of gratitude and Love.

Once we understand the deep meaning of the prayer, we will know that God thinks, feels, and acts through us. This is what we call inspiration. So one should pray in order the Divine thoughts, feelings and acts to manifest and begin to work through God.

One cannot pray until he connects his mind with the mind of God. Once he connects his mind, he will also connect his heart.

To pray, it means one to connect with God, to perceive his thoughts and feelings.

When one prays to God or when he does something for Him, it is Love.

During a prayer the soul should be clean and empty. We are to be ready to perceive. We must not have any other images in our souls, but God.

When we go to God, we should not have any images in our souls – we are to have only one image. It is because people are created in the image and likeness of God, one must discard all other images from his soul and leave only one sacred image - the image of God. If the other images remain in his soul, he cannot pray. You are to clear your Holy of Holies of the many images and only the original God’s image is to remain in it. Only it is able to give a great impulse to your soul. The many images, the many ideas, the many desires lead to falling asleep.

The prayer is a conversation of the soul with Love. We shall pray constantly! The prayer is needed for us, and not for God, to distribute the benefits we bring. You are to pray and give away of your welfare. You are to pray and seek God in your soul and you are to talk to Him. If you think that God is outside of you, you are on the wrong path. While you are connected with God, you can do everything. If you are ill, you will get better immediately; if you are discouraged, you will be encouraged.

Apply the prayer as a method of work in the spiritual world. Through the prayer you connect with God both externally and internally. You are to seek God in and out of you, but not simultaneously. Therefore, you are to connect with God both externally and internally and thank Him. You are to know that God is outside of you and inside you. He guides you both externally and internally for all conditions He gives you. If you divert from the path, along which He guides you, you yourself will encounter sufferings.

Remember the following truth: there is no a greater thing in one’s life than the prayer. No matter what else people tell you, do not forget the importance and necessity of the prayer, of the communion with God. Neither knowledge nor Love, nor the wisdom on Earth can be compared with the prayer, with the communion of people with the First Cause.

When one prays properly, he is always turned to God. If he prays to God and thinks about a friend, his mother, his children, his house, money, then his prayer reaches only them. He prays to them. And in order his prayer to be accepted, he must think of God. The base of each prayer is the love towards God.

Which Spirit must penetrate in your prayer? During praying to God you talk to the One, Who loves you and the One, Who loves you talks to you. True prayer is a communion of love. Love prompts us to praying. During a prayer first of all you open your soul and show your love towards God.

You are to think of Jesus with love. You are to pray to Jesus with love for Him to appear to you. One, who has love, is familiar with Jesus. Every day we must think with love for Jesus. We shall not force ourselves. We shall do this peacefully. One connects with Jesus when he thinks of Him. And when he reads the Gospel, and when he fulfills God's Will, one connects with Jesus. When one thinks of Jesus, his mind connects with the mind of Jesus and enriches so. Jesus said that He will instill with the Father in the person and make it home, but he has put a condition, after which he will do so: “If you fulfill my commandments.” The condition must be met for Jesus to instill in the person; for His coming to the person to happen.

Ask God for the impossible. The impossible for people is possible for God. Ask God to instill in you, His Love to come in you. Ask God you to try this Love right now, in this life.

Ask God to live in you and manifest in you. The only one, Who transforms, is God. The meaning of life is the communion with God.

I often hear someone saying that his Love has been stolen. Could Love be stolen? The only thing you cannot steal is Love. The only thing you cannot steal is Truth. The only thing you cannot steal is Wisdom. Love is not stolen; it is impossible. You can steal something else, but not Love. It is the same if someone tells you that someone has stolen the Sun. Or if you are told that the Sun has gone to visit Earth. It is impossible. The big does not go to the little, but the little goes to the big. Some of you, while praying, want God to come to you. No, you will go to Him. An educated person does not go to an ignorant person. The ignorant person should go to the educated one. You will say that the mother goes to the child. No, at first the child has come down to its mother.

There are two moments: when God looks for us and when we seek Him. We are to observe the coincidence of these two moments, because then things are most easily achieved. And if God is far away, then it is difficult. God says, “Seek Me while I'm close.” When joy comes and you do not know the reason for it, it is because that joy is of the highest order. The causal body is not developed yet, so we just feel it without knowing the source. The psalmist says, “When he sees Your face, his heart will become joyful.” Joy and gladness come from the presence of God.

You can never liberate from the one, who loves you. You can liberate yourself from everything, but never from a person, who loves you. Where can you liberate from God? You cannot. Wherever you go, He might not appear to you, but you feel that you cannot get out of Him. What we love is always within us. It is a teaching very simple for understanding.

When a little child gets hungry, it has to go to his mother and say, “Mom, I'm hungry.” The mother will feed him, because the child is weak, feeble. It cannot earn its living alone.
In that respect, the prayer, the contemplation simultaneously express the human thoughts, feelings and desires. They are a connection between the Divine and the Human. Therefore, the prayer and contemplation connect the human and the Divine, the two opposite poles in one whole. To do good, to think good, it is a human act, which is under the watchful observation of God's thought and Love, as a result of which this human thought turns into a Divine one in an alchemical way. Even the most ignoble desires turn into noble under the Divine impulse. Scripture says, “God works in us and turns our thoughts and desires into good.”

Everyone has the right - who has worked for the Whole, for God or for humans. If you work for God, everywhere in the world people will work for you. If you work for God, people and trees and water will work for you. If you are an agriculturer, it will rain on time and you will have no obstacles. Do not want to have the blessing of people, but to feel that you work for God and that God works for you.
The prayer helps only when you work for God and God works for you.

One’s prayer will be best heard when he completely dedicates his mind, heart and will to God. When they are enlightened in the three worlds - physical, spiritual and Divine - then good work is being performed. It is because a prayer is work. One learns during a prayer. During a prayer God teaches people. Someone will say, “How is that? During a prayer one sends thoughts to God and talks to Him, doesn’t he?” Yes, but during a prayer the human soul opens for the Divine world, tunes with it, comes into a perceptive state toward the energies from there and accepts the thought of God and from the life of God – then, from these spaces, new ideas come into the human soul. And after that, new, bright ideas and impulses that one has accepted from above during the prayer come into the human mind throughout the day.

During all times God has spoken to humans. There is no time when God has not spoken. Some people think that they can be self-taught – someone has surely taught you, but you have forgotten. God has spoken to everybody, but some people have heard, and others have forgotten. There is a specific way of God’s talking. God speaks to everybody generally and specifically only to those, who are ready. The quiet voice that spoke to Elijah is a specific voice. Not everybody can hear the quiet voice. If people fight, God cannot speak to them in a quiet voice. They are deaf to that voice. Connect with God so that wherever you go to hear His quiet and pleasant voice.

What is the state of a person visited by God? It is like the dawn. It is as if you have come out early in the morning on a mountain peak and you watch from there the dawn and welcome the first sunrays. At this solemn moment of the soul, you kneel before God, lift your eyes up and say a prayer of gratefulness to Him. “What will people say when they see me kneeling?” Leave people aside. People, it is you. These are the shadows of your mind. Do not be afraid of them. If you look at yourself in lots of mirrors, you will have lots of images, but the true image is only one. The rest images are reflections, shadows of the true image. Once you get into a reverent state, lift your hands up, pass through the joy and sorrow to see how God works and watches His creatures how they fall and stand up and how He corrects their lives. Then raise yourself to a higher world and see how He lives. It means one to be joyful in the hope, patient in sorrow, and persistent in praying.

There is no a greater time for people and for every living creature than the one, when one wakes up in the morning to turn his mind towards that direction, to which the minds and thoughts of all other beings are directed. Only in this way one can perceive the good that comes out from God. One, who refuses to accept that good, falls into darkness and loneliness. Someone says, “Why should I pray?” Praying is necessary, because then one turns his mind to God to perceive something from Him. In this sense, the prayer is the opening of colors for the sunlight and heat.
I say: if you want to develop constantly, keep in your mind the thought of God as the only place, as the only focus that collects the minds of all rational beings. Do not deal with what people think. Keep your mind into that natural direction, from where the light and heat of your life come. To look toward God or just to think about Him - this worths more than any material wealth. The only place, from where you can accept everything needed in your life, is the place of God. True love is expressed by turning the thought of all beings in one direction. When the minds of all beings turn in one direction, they have many points of contact between each other. If you divert your mind from that place, you lose your way and stay in darkness. If one starts to rotate only around his center, everything is lost.
If you want to progress, to develop properly, wherever you are, in whatever position you are, save half an hour or an hour to occupy your mind with the thought of God. If you want to gain light of your mind, think of God.

There is a moment in life when all beings - from the smallest ones to the largest ones, turn their minds to God. In this case, the mystical aspect of the prayer is one to grasp that moment, to join the common prayer and say, “I turn my mind, heart, soul and spirit to the One, to Whom everybody turn at this moment.” In addition, everyone will direct a thought appropriate to his development. God will reply to that collective prayer by sending everyone so much light as one needs.


Sometimes one and the same thing is said in one sense, and another time - in another. Everything must be reduced to a common concept of Love. Then, from Love you should go to the concepts of knowledge, of the Divine Wisdom and Truth. These are three worlds, where every day you have to enter to gain something from Love, by being friends with it. Or in other words: to be friends in your soul with the rational, loving beings. It is because the loving being is a perfect person, who in order to help, will give the best that he has in his soul. Not to sacrifice himself. A perfect person never sacrifices himself. There is no reason for him to sacrifice. The sacrifice is on Earth. A perfect person always is willing to help, and that is enough. Keep in your mind the following: be friends with the perfect beings. But someone will say, “How do we find them?” Some of you are ashamed to pray. It is a whole science one to pray! Take Jesus. He prayed. He preached during the day. He went everywhere, and he spent the nights in meditation, praying to be ready for the next day to work among people in difficulties and contradictions: He talked; He was not understood; He was in a constant struggle. You are not excluded from that struggle! You will have that struggle both in you and between each other.

When a person is concentrated while praying, known powers in Nature begin to operate and work for him. When he does not pray, these powers do not work.

The prayer is a great state of the mind, by which a person enters into a conscious, reasonable connection with beings that have completed their development. One to pray means he to get in connection with the Great, Who will tell him about the life of the other worlds, about the greatest soul in the invisible world, about the Love between them. There is no a greater good that one can expect!

The prayer is a great power. It is the language of the Divine world. So, when praying, one speaks with beings from the Divine world.

The bright spirits are always among us. They follow us to help us. They help people to resolve their difficulties and contradictions. It is enough to call them in the name of God's Love for them to reveal to us.
These are advanced, higher beings that are ready to help the humanity. Some of them are determined to stay for whole days around somebody and help him. Whatever he wishes, they immediately implement his desire. It is a pleasant work for them. Our task is to enter into a conscious connection with these beings to benefit from their knowledge. However, only a few have come to that state.

No one can fulfill the assigned to him work by himself. Someone should always come to help him. If you find yourself in a difficulty, pray intently and immediately official beings will come to help you. “SOS” – the prayer is such a signal.

In Nature there is a law of people needs. There is no case in a human life when his essential needs have not been met. If you act wisely and send your thoughts to the higher world, they will immediately come to help you.

When a person prays, the higher beings are present. When Jesus prayed, the higher beings were present. He saw them and talked with them. Moses and Elijah appeared on Mount Tabor and Jesus talked with them by transforming before his three disciples and then He asked them to tell nobody that. He did with his disciples so just to show them, and always when He prayed, He entered into communion with the rational higher worlds from the real world. In each of His prayers, He communed with them, saw them and talked with them.

The mystical talents in people can be developed by speculating on some verses, sayings, etc. Study the Gospel of John. Also, any time when a thought of God comes to you, accept it - see God, Who tests you and every day brings you some blessings, in everything. In order us to be good, God must manifest through us. God chooses the forms in which Him to manifest. The good - that is God Himself. The human soul blooms if connected to the rational beginning. Until one does not understand things, he cannot apply them. You cannot read if you have no light.
The mind is of great importance. It is a condition for attracting the Divine good and one becomes receptive to it. By thinking about God, you gain His qualities. Do not think so much about yourself, but think about God. There is a law: you become such as the one, of whom you think; you become such as the people, with whom you gather. An experienced philosophy has to be applied, because many times it is spoken theoretically about what is not understood.

The best way to connect with rational beings is connecting with God - thinking about them and acknowledging them as beings through which God manifests.
The following may be said about the communion with the angelic hierarchy: the specific law is in connection with the general one. First the general law is to be applied and then - the specific one. This means that if one cannot get in connection with God, he cannot get in connection with anybody else.

One can connect with the invisible world by thinking about God, contemplation and a prayer. When a person connects with the invisible world in this way, the advanced beings connect him with those souls on Earth, with which they are connected. Hold this internally. When one thinks about God, about heavenly things, Love in him increases. The best way for creation of conditions for Love to begin to flow is the prayer. This is a strong practical method. The other methods are secondary.

Someone is sitting in one place for hours praying and hoping bread to come to him from somewhere. He says he has many friends and hopes someone to help him. He prays to the church, to his friends, but he receives no answer to his prayers. Why? Their hearts are closed for him. He has mistaken the address. He prays where he should not. You’d better turn to God and pray to Him. God will open the hearts of his friends and they will bring him what he needs. Worship only God. He has the power to open the hearts of everybody, who may give you something.

The prayer is not only for creation of a pleasant mood. But it is a way to connect with God. And when you connect with God, then God may create something in you that you cannot create for yourself. And our thoughts will connect us with the angels. And our feelings will connect us with people.

One of the tasks of a disciple is to study the states of his mind for him to see what changes happen in it. Observe what the light of your consciousness is when you are calm and when you are excited. In different states of the mind the light of the consciousness is different. For instance, if you think of a good person and connect with him, light will appear in your mind and warmth - in the heart. If you think of a bad person and connect with him, the light in your mind and in your consciousness begins to decrease gradually. Also, some cooling occurs in the heart. Therefore, without realizing to what consequences your relationships with people lead you connect with them and as a result of that darkness or light occurs in your mind. But if you come to a relationship with God, constant light occurs in your mind, and deep peace in your soul. If you come to a relationship with the angels, you will again be filled with bright thoughts and lofty feelings. If you connect with people from all over the world you will experience their thoughts and feelings. And finally, if you go down to the animal world, they will also have some effect on you.
You have to study all these states and changes in the mind, no matter if you want them or not. You will inevitably go through these circles of the mind that hide for you certain possibilities. While one is on Earth, he will influence the other minds, but they will also influence him. He will be under the influence of the environment and the conditions of the animals, plants and humans. However, these are tasks, on which he must work. To solve these tasks properly, one must pray. In this respect, a prayer is a work of somebody on himself. The prayer implies internal connection with the Divine world.

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (Gospel of Matthew) This verse refers to the internal life of people, to their minds. In his internal life one shall start from God and end with people. If one starts with people and ends with God, he will achieve nothing.

In order to enter into communion with the higher beings, one has to be clean. And in order one to become such, he must pray.

For a disciple to enter in communion with the higher beings and the real world, he must have the purest possible thoughts and connect with the minds of all good people. When you send a strong idea in the air, it will reach all good people on Earth. Thus you will mentally get to know them. There are laws, by which the thought is sent. The stronger and more determined a thought is, the sooner it reaches its destination. One should have a strong mind, strong concentration and no other thoughts, which divert the mind.

A wise man looks for a manuscript, a holy book and when he finds it, he reads it. Sometimes you look for someone, but you do not know the street and the number. So, do not forget the name, the street and the number of the one, whom you are looking for. The name of the one you are looking for is God, and the street, where He lives is the angels, and the number is the good people. And you do not know the name, the street and the number and something is going wrong. We are to see which is wrong - the name, the street or the number. When you find the name, you are to ask for the street and then when you get to the number, you are to ask the people. Then you will see that God lives in people's hearts and in the minds of the angels. This is a very difficult science, but when you learn it, everything will be fine.
When you are ready, whose face will you see? I will not say the name. He has no name. We call Him Father, but He is more than a father, we call him Beloved, but He is more than beloved. We may call Him by thousands of names, but none of them can express what He is. He is more than anything. For now He is accepted as our Father, as our Beloved and as our Friend.

Therefore, when we start to work with the higher world, we will see that the tone there is expressed better. If we do not understand the tone of the Divine world and the rhythm of the spiritual world, we cannot pray, we cannot commune with the higher world. From this point of view, the prayer is tuning with the minds of the higher worlds. This tuning is similar to tuning the strings of a violin. First a violinist tunes his violin and then he begins to play according to the rules and laws of music.

A condition of entry in connection with the White brothers is you to work as they work and work together with them. They work during the creation of grass, during the movement of rivers, participate in the coming of the light, help in life and everywhere, in the lowest jobs. We have lost the internal connection with plants and life has shortened because of that. When you find their healing properties, you will come in connection with the White brothers.

If one is to connect with the invisible world now, it is a lost work - he has this in himself and now he must only harmonize his thoughts, feelings and desires for the thing he has in himself to manifest. Thoughts should be filtered. No self-interested deposits should be in thoughts. Pure thoughts, feelings and desires are needed. The best method of entry in connection with the invisible world is the prayer. It is said, “Pray without ceasing.”

For a person to enter into communion with these lofty beings and the real world, he must be prepared in the past. Past and present should connect. One should not think that if he does something only now, he can - he must have worked in the past, so that him also to have a condition from the past.

If I begin to tell you what there is in Sirius, what culture is developing in the Pleiades, the Smaller Bear, Orion, what creatures there are in the Milky Way, in those 18 million solar systems, such a world for travelling! And now you say, “What is the point of that?” If I take you on my wings like an angel and bring you up, you will say, “Life is worthwhile!” But space is needed, and now you cry. Each star says, “Sister, why are you crying, come to me, try to come here.” The Sun, Mars tell you this. Not only they, but secretly a winged spirit tells you, “Don’t be afraid!” And in silence, when you pray and dream, the spirit will whisper something, an experience to you. You say, “There is something that is whispered to me.” It is the real. We are surrounded by a world witnesses above and below, visible and invisible that say, “Don’t be afraid! Faith, Love, truth, everything is for you. And all your sufferings are nothing. You can be strong. If you are weak on Earth, you are strong above.” We will be strong!

Someone says, “These are fiddlesticks.” One has to be grateful that there are fiddlesticks. The materialistic life that is expressed in forms is a life of death. What is not formed is a life of immortality. In other words: everything that does not have weight is an object of the Divine world. When a great idea of the Divine world comes to you, it will appear in the form of an angel, but it is not yet an angel. You say, “This idea is abstract; it is not real.” I say: all things that are close to you and your understandings, are called by you real, and we call them shadows of life. We call real those things, with which we can talk. There is difference between reality and reflection of things. In the reflection people hear only themselves, but in reality - he leads a rational conversation. If he puts a question, he will get a reply right away.

The physical world is a part of the spiritual one. If we compare these two worlds as two different ones, you will have a contradiction. For example, you see in a vision a beautiful mountain and you think it is a fantasy, a figment, and then you see people moving and talking to you - then you are in a real world. When people speak to you, then you are in the real world.

The purity of Vitosha helps for easier entry in connection with the angelic hierarchy, but it does not live on Vitosha. The same concerns many places on Rila, where they do not live, but the purity there helps for people to get in contact with them. The only exceptions are the most inaccessible places on Rila, where they live permanently.

In order a person to get in contact with the higher advanced beings, he should work. Every day, he must purify himself. People have many useless thoughts and the bigger part of their lives is spent for useless works. When one goes into the esoteric side of life, he will enter into communion with the invisible beings and should be very careful not to allow even the slightest negative thought - distrust, doubt, hesitation. Occult science is the science of the unknown. The more you know, the more things you will see that you do not know. One is to enter the esoteric side of life when he is ready. When he is not ready - if there is a negative thought or a negative feeling – it is dangerous. When one goes in there, he will draw closer to many beings, and any intimacy is dangerous if one is not ready and sends negative thoughts and feelings.

Whenever higher beings are to come, the lower beings flee. As a result of that fear of theirs they hide inside you. And the fear that you feel is their state.

There are centers in people for communion with the higher worlds. These centers are 7. They are organs of the spiritual body and must be awaken and fed in a very natural and proper way. Certain measures are to be taken during their waking up: it is mandatory for a person to have a righteous life, otherwise he will totally cripple himself. Special preparation is needed. Silence is needed during these experiments like the silence needed when a pregnant woman is expected to give birth. These experiences that you have will be as a preface to what you will get now.
Mysticism is a process of liberation. The higher moral feelings are the developed thoughts of the higher beings. And people perceive the higher feelings of the rational beings as thoughts – the process there is reverse.
You will perceive the completed processes of thoughts as feelings for life to be given to them. They will be seeds that will grow and strengthen. You will become their mother, because feelings give aspiration. There is no aspiration without feelings.



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