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The Great Universal Brotherhood

On Earth, there are number of scientists that get together and discuss scientific issues only once a year. These dedicated people are much more aware of the earth, its past and present tham modern scholars, representatives of official science. But concerning the future of the Earth - they do not know it exactly, and they can make only assumptions about it.

In addition to this lodge on the Earth, there is another lodge of Initiates on the Sun who know exactly not only the past of our planet, but also its future. Both lodges are just organs of the great universe body, which consists of sophisticated, highly evolved beings who form the Great Universal Brotherhood. These perfect beings went far beyond the most brilliant people on Earth, because they came out of the Origin much earlier than people. All of them have passed a certain levels of development under the guidance of God's Spirit and reached their current stage of development.

And when we talk about the Great Universal Brotherhood, we mean those hierarchies of intelligent beings who have completed their evolution over millions and billions of years before humans and are now ruling the entire universe. They can govern it, because they participated in its creation under the direct leadership of the Great Spirit of God. And when you consider a reasonable construction of the entire universe of galaxies, countless suns and planets, and even if we look only at the mechanics and the highest technical perfection with which planet Earth is built, we can see how powerful mind and spirit had these brilliant creators who worked on implementation of the divine plan of creation.

In accordance with the degree of knowledge and development, as well as the duties that they perform, these creatures represent the hierarchical ladder, organic subordination whose levels are known by the names:

  • Seraphim - Brothers of love
  • Cherubim - Brothers of harmony
  • Thrones - Brothers of the will,
  • Dominions - Brothers of intelligence and joy,
  • Forces - Brothers of movement and growth,
  • Powers - Brothers and external forms of art,
  • Principality - Brothers of time, status, and rhythm,
  • Archangels - Brothers of fire and heat,
  • The angels - bearers of life and vegetation.
  • The last, tenth grade, will be to the most advanced in its development human souls.

Together, they represent a great Cosmic Man.

Activities of these beings are harmoniously distributed, so that each of them knows when, how and what to do. They direct the functions of the great world body, which includes all the solar systems.

And we believe that there are three types of solar systems. First type includes systems that are the parts of entire stellar universe. They form the material, physical world, they are made of very dense matter, which also have different levels. Second type of solar systems are made of finer matter, the matter of the spiritual world and belong to the angelic world. Third type of solar systems form in its entirety the divine world and is made of the thinnest, highest matter.

And The Sky as it is referred to in the scriptures, is not that blue vault above us, followed by the cosmic space and on which the stars are shining by night. The Sky is organized by higher beings, great souls, and so it is great in its actions. The angels that inhabit The Sky - they are great souls who constantly send their light all over the world. The energy of their powerful mind is distributed throughout the universe and, as a collective force, set in motion everyting in the world. Do not think of angels as of incorporeal creatures, some kind of phantom "spirits." They are creatures whose body is highly organized, formed of pure, radiant matter. An Angel have so much power over its body that it can become visible and invisible. He can move freely in infinite space at a rate many times greater than the speed of light. He can get around the whole solar system, whole universes. 

Angels, too, are in different stages of development, but in general they are divided into two great kingdoms. The angels of a higher kingdom rarely descend to the earth, while those belonging to the the lower kingdom come down more often and help people grow spiritually. These great brothers of man descended from the human race, but passed their way of development billions of years before the man on earth, under more favorable conditions, which they used wisely. And if human development goes on a certain plan, if culture whith its science, religion, arts are thriving, if human race have an eternal commitment to the development and improvement, it is because there is a reasonable creatures, which are closely associated with people who are constantly at work and care about people. Their hearts glow with love, joy and life. And thanks to their impulse, people are not just living but they live aspiring. They want the human race has found the light that they have, the freedom which they enjoyed. They want to teach people how to live by those great laws by which they live themselves, and they use the most reasonable laws that exist in the world. They live very pure and lofty life, life of absolutely selflessness. In his dedication to those who love these great servants of God do come down to Earth in the human body to help people. They constantly send emissaries to earth in one form or another. All the geniuses of mankind, all the great men, saints, adepts, all scientists, writers, statesmen, anyone that helped development of mankind in one direction or another, all of them are the servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood. They choose those representatives of mankind's with most advanced souls and prepare them for spiritual work among his brothers. In modern society there are people who have more subtle spiritual forces that are more subtle spiritual construction. They are characterized by highly organized, plastic body, because they practise absolutely pure and holy life. Only that exclusive development makes them capable of being spiritual helpers of humanity. The most advanced among them have already completed their development in the world and they have extensive knowledge. They know a lot of the positive, absolute, divine science, which existed from the creation of the world. Many of them lived a thousand years on earth, went through the process of resurrection, and for them there is no death, no reincarnation. These are the people who are called "sons of God", whose spirits and souls of the living God, which are connected with all the sensible world, with all advanced beings in all solar systems. These are the great souls, the Teacher of mankind, which achieved the highest levels of thought and practice - in all directions. These are powerful spirits that are overtly or covertly for us pushing humanity forward. They are behind all the spiritual activities on Earth. They are behind every great man, every great poet, a musician or an artist, too.

In order a man to evolve as genius, it is necessary that thousands of brilliant souls get together and put it through it. In order a man to evolve as Master, it is necessary that all reasonable souls united in it.

What is the Christ? - Christ - is the collective spirit that is gathered together all the sons of God, whose heart and soul shine with love and life. All the sons of God, merged into one, all reasonable souls living in the divine unity - that is Christ. In this sense he is the Head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

And the star referred to in the Gospels, which appeared at the birth of Christ - it was something alive, they were living beings, gathered together and came down from above, to inform about the coming of Christ. But only three wise men from the East - the great Initiates, saw and heard this star. And these three wise men were also servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

So, remember, the only one great community, which now exists in the world - is the Great Universal Brotherhood.

Members of the Great Universal Brotherhood, which supervise the development of humanity and lead it to a bright future, do not form any visible people societies or organizations. They make a living collective, intelligent community, existing outside of the damaged environment in which people live. So it is ridiculous to say that the location of the Brotherhood is here or there.

All these Great brothers who work in the spiritual spheres of the Earth are representatives of the seven hierarchies, seven categories. Some of them belong to the love and are called "Brothers of Love." Others belong to Wisdom, and are called "Brothers of Wisdom", and they support the science, art, and have knowledge of mankind. Others are called "Brothers of Truth" and they make human freedom in the hearts and minds. They bring the freedom that makes the human spirit, human soul, the human mind and heart free - free in every sense of the word. Others are called "Brotherhood of Justice", they bring the truth of humanity and dispose of those all those invisible benefits needed by modern humans. The fifth is called "Brothers of Virtue", the sixth - "Brothers of Beauty", and finally there are those who bear the name "Jehovah's Witnesses." But this is not the real names of these brothers, I cannot say the real ones, because they are sacred.

These brothers are not that common, as people may think. Each of them can raise the Earth on her hands and, like a ball thrown into space. And they can do it, because they stand on something even more powerful, more great and they serve. And when some think they can deal with these brothers, it is said that they do not understand the deeper meaning contained in the concept of "White Brother". If the question is about the power of these brothers have the most powerful force. They are well aware of the functions of the human brain that can be put to sleep one day all of humanity. What are the most powerful human force of the gun before the Great Brotherhood? But they do not want to use the steep steps - they allow people to experience everything, even at the cost of thousands of suffering, suffering because it is only able to refine and correct.

And one day people will realize that the world is one great law-governed state, whose citizens - the children of God - are the most intelligent creatures who live according to God's law and by His will. In the world there will be no people who do not experience the power and might of that law-governed state.

But if today people do not go the right way, the reason is that in contrast to the Great White Brotherhood works the other bed intelligent beings who did not understand the deeper meaning of life and are diametrically opposed to understanding it. They form the so-called Black Brotherhood. Black Brotherhood - a hierarchy of beings that occupy different levels, depending on their intelligence. To give a clear idea of their function, I will say that while the White Brotherhood works in the branches and flowers of life and methods of the branches and flowers, the Black Brotherhood works in the roots of life. While the White Brotherhood works in the head and chest in the cosmic man, the Black Brotherhood works in the stomach, liver and intestines. Consequently, the White Brotherhood is related to the positive forces of Good and Black fraternity - with the negative forces of evil, in the broadest sense of the word. But all those white and black forces are still needed for the manifestation of life. Their duties are strictly divided.

In addition to these two schools there is a third school - School of the Great Teachers who belong to a higher hierarchy and direct the activities of the first two. For their great purpose they use the methods of both, but are not included in any ofthose two school. They are the Great Teachers of the Universal Brotherhood, which direct the entire universe. After the completion of any evolution they create a new evolutionary wave, following the new plan and a new rhythm. Under the leadership of the powerful spirit once from the high peaks of Being descended the lofty spirits who created the solar system, including our own. They created and built The primary "cosmic earth", the so-called "paradise." In this "cosmic land" there are still living committed pre-humans who have completed their development. They are the great ancestors of mankind.

These creators of the past, those great ancestors today also descend on our Earth. And they will turn it into paradise. With them will come all those 144,000 souls referred to in Revelation, and among them there are representatives of all peoples, past and present. With them will come all the saints, adepts and teachers from the beginning of time, its powerful spirit will connect all awakened souls from all four sides of the Earth and all together they will establish the true order in the world. At the end of their work they will go and leave people to live and work in new conditions. So they will recover the connection between the visible and invisible world.

Thats the way that worked, works, and will work Great Universal Brotherhood in the world. And it will work as long as united Love, Wisdom and One single truth does not cover all of Genesis. Then every breath will praise God in sacred peace and harmony.


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